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By “personal data” or “data” we mean the data that we hold and collect about you as an existing or potential customer, subscriber to our newsletter or visitor to our site.

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living natural person. This means that everything from name and contact details to IP address or interests can be considered personal data.

Everything that happens to your personal data counts as processing of personal data, whether automatically or manually. Processing of personal data thus includes, for example, collection, registration, storage, processing, production, use, disclosure, dissemination, adjustment, deletion or destruction.

In order for us to process your personal data, we must find support in current data protection regulation (GDPR) – a so-called legal basis. There are a number of legal bases to rely on, but all Qdos2U processing of personal data is based on one of the following two: “Consent” or “Performance of contract”.

In short, these mean either (1) that you have given your consent to the processing or (2) that the processing is necessary for us to fulfill an agreement with you.


Subscription to newsletters and e-mails

When you choose to subscribe to the Qdos2U newsletter, you fill out a form where you can enter your contact information. By filling out the form, you agree to receive, by e-mail, our recurring newsletter, information about relevant news and guides as well as product information from Qdos2U.

Legal basis: Consent

Account on Qdos2U’s platform

By registering an account on Qdos2U, you give your consent for us to communicate with you through, among other things, notifications inside the platform, newsletters, e-mails and sms. During your use on Qdos2U, we will collect data regarding your activity, preferences and behavior. This data will be used to provide you with more personal recommendations and to refine our overall service.

Legal basis: Consent

Customer relationship

When you become a customer of Qdos2U, we process your data and personal data in order to identify you as a user and to be able to manage and deliver services in accordance with your agreement.

Legal basis: Performance of contract

Participants at events

If you are registered for any of Qdos2U’s events, physically or digitally, we process your personal data to deliver the service linked to your participation. During the exercise, we process shared appreciation in the following ways: Spell checks, checks against our defined list of offensive words and phrases, and performing sentiment analysis to score phrases in various dimensions. Do note that such data processing is not connected to any personal data collected outside the appreciation phrases themselves.

Legal basis: Performance of contract


We may disclose your information if we deem it necessary to fulfill a contract, develop our service or otherwise move our processes forward. The parties that may gain access to your data are:

Subcontractors and others working for Qdos2U

Qdos2U uses certain trusted third parties to provide, improve, protect and market our services. This means that these parties – both within and outside the EU / ESS – also need certain information about you as a customer.

However, third parties may not use data about you for any purpose other than as set out in our terms and conditions to them. In relation to partners outside the EU/ESS, special safeguards are taken to ensure the secure handling of personal data.

Governments, laws and regulations

We are obliged, upon request by law and authority decision, to disclose the data resulting from the decision – for example, to the police. We may also disclose your information to third parties if we determine that such disclosure is necessary to (1) comply with the law; (2) protect a person from death or serious bodily injury; (3) prevent fraud or abuse of Qdos2U or our users.


If you have given your consent, we may also in other cases than what is stated above disclose your data to companies, organizations or people outside Qdos2U. However, this only applies if it is done at your own request.


We are constantly working to protect our customers’ privacy. We are also continuing our work to develop new security features to protect our customers, partners and other stakeholders’ data.

Qdos2U saves personal data about you as a customer as long as there is a customer relationship or is necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy. If you are no longer a customer of ours, we will delete your information whenever possible, but please note that there may be some delay in deleting our servers and backups and (2) that we may retain information if necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements.

When deleting data, it will, unless otherwise requested from you, be anonymized to maintain the ability to analyze behavior that cannot be linked to your personal data.

Personal data about you who have expressed interest or chosen to subscribe to our newsletter is handled by us until you request that we delete them, for example by unsubscribing from our e-mails.


Some processing of your data is based on us having your consent, which you always have the right to revoke. However, in order to provide you as a customer with our services, we need to process and manage your data. If you choose not to provide your data to us, we may not be able to provide the services you desire.

You also have the right, in accordance with applicable personal data legislation, at any time:

In this case, please contact Qdos2U at the contact details listed above. You can also file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

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