Review submitted Kudos

Please review the submitted Kudos for your projects that should be reviewed

  • You might see some Kudos as “blocked”
    • this means the Kudos has been flagged as offensive, either by the text analysis or by you
    • you can override the flag from the text analysis by checking “Discard” and then updating the row
  • The spell checker might have reacted on the Kudos, if so you can either
    • accept the correction by the checker
    • make a manual update to override the suggestion
    • or leave the Kudos as is
  • Finally, all the Kudos without any spelling issues or blocks are listed
    • You can change these as well, if you see there is a need

Note that you can block any Kudos as offensive, and if you do the Kudos will not be further processed

To confirm
  • Once you are done and have checked all Kudos, confirm at the bottom of the page by selecting you project in the drop-down box and click the button
  • Note – after you have selected the project and clicked the button, all Kudos will be given their final wording and the Kudos will no longer be visible in the list on this page

After confirming the Kudos, the next step will be to “Add some extra Kudos / Change or verify ratings

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