How to get a group to stick together and be successful 🏆 for decades

Exactly 20 years ago, I stepped into a sweat-scented locker room at Farsta IP. A few days earlier, on New Year’s Eve, I had met Johan Kjerr and we had talked a little hockey 🏒 .

“But hey,” he said, “I’m playing with a nice gang in Farsta. Come down on Thursday and try it out.”

Two decades later, I’m still playing hockey with FOC Farsta. It makes me think, what is it that makes me get on the ice late every Thursday to get home around midnight? To be honest, I can get training in another way, with much more humane times. And it’s hardly for fame and fortune, in division 5 the attendance varies between 2 and 10 people…

I see two reasons. That one reason is the sport itself. Full focus on the game. The adrenaline of the game, the gathering of strength when you have to go into a close fight with a 90 kg guy at full speed, the shared joy of success and the knowledge that a puck hurts, really hurts, when it hits in the wrong place. Few things create such closeness.

The second is the TEAM. All my teammates. There is such a nice mix of people here. Different backgrounds and life situations. We mix famous actors, police officers, human resources specialists, bicycle messengers, consultants, electricians, business leaders, directors, firefighters and military personnel, just to name a few professions. Our youngest “junior” is a few years under 30, the old man is 60!

It is the COHESION that makes you stay, the one that is built up by personal and that is created by joy and positivism. Thanks to the CULTURE that we have built up together and during every week, you feel at home. Then the results will also come – we have been top 3 after 19 out of 20 seasons, winning the series more than every other year.

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