Create a Qdos2U demo

Enter your name and mail, and we will create a small demo for you. Once you create the Demo, you will receive mails on how to access the system.

  • One mail on how to access moderator part of the solution
  • After a couple of minutes, a new mail with a link to access Qdos2U as a participant

If the moderator’s email already exists, the name already in the system will be collected.

Note that in the demo, reminders are pre-set to 30 minutes after creation, and the possibility to enter Kudos will close after 1 day (you can change this in the “Set-up” section)

Check out the participant screen

Your participants will only use one screen, looking like this. It can be accessed with any browser, including from a phone.

Note that you have the possibility to change the instructions, background, etc. to give the page a look that fits your company profile.


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