Today is Employee Appreciation Day!

(…and tomorrow. And yesterday. And the day before that…)

When I took a more structured interest in exploring how appreciation impacts the wellbeing and productivity of an organisation, I noted the phenomena “Employee Appreciation Day”.

So many tips on how you as an employer or manager could act on this particular day to make your employees feel more appreciated. Often connected to some kind of reward or extra perk to share across the team.


Had I believed it did, I wouldn’t have founded Qdos2U. More likely I would have set up a webshop to sell cinema tickets or impersonal greeting cards that a manager can mass-distribute.

Because if you want to create the feeling of belonging and a team where people feel truly appreciated, you need to have two things in mind.

It has to come from your peers. They are the people you interact with on a daily basis, they are the people who in fact are your work environment.
EVERY DAY is colleague appreciation day. You need to create an environment where appreciation is natural and frequent.

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