The Employee in focus – what does it mean?

If you work in HR, it is not impossible that one of the focus areas you should pursue is “The Employee”. But how is this to be done?

Our new AI buddies tell us:

 “Focusing on The Employee means that the organization prioritizes creating a culture where all employees are encouraged to take responsibility, be engaged and contribute with their skills and ideas to achieve common goals. It’s about creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and collaboration between management and employees.”

I think most of us agree with this, so let’s get started, right? But this is where the challenges usually appear.

HOW do we create a culture? HOW do we create an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation?

The difficulty is to get concrete. Common examples of activities when an action plan is to be completed include:

  • ensuring that employees attend established training courses (preferably web-based)
  • managers gather for various workshops with a cultural focus
  • “We bring in lecturers on the subject. Preferably one with a sense of humor.”

I have been involved in these kinds of activities myself. Often very inspiring, but the effect rarely lasts. Unfortunately.

You need activities that affect relationships, that affect how people see themselves and each other. Then you need activities that activate your employees, so that they both think for themselves and open up to listening to their colleagues.

A very concrete activity that I have experienced the effects of myself was sharing what I appreciate most with my closest colleagues. The effect was amazing.

At first glance, it sounds trite. Despite this, survey after survey shows that we as employees do not feel appreciated enough, especially if we do not exclude the managers’ routine “well done”.

Until we launched Qdos2U, it was practically impossible to work with this in groups larger than 10 people. It took too much time. However, now you can handle virtually any size of group without taking more time to complete.

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