Category: Live examples

  • There are few people I could imagine working with and spending time with privately, ie on a daily basis. You have such a place with me. Your warmth and happy charisma coupled with acumen and humility are impressive, thank you for gilding my everyday life.

  • You are one of the sharpest discussion partners I have encountered. You listen to my thoughts, tweak them and send them back as razor sharp questions. I have to say that an hour with you catapulted my thoughts at least one week forward.

  • There are few people that makes me so happy to hang out with on Zoom as ___. Her joy and know-how always shines through the screen!

  • When I think of ___, a picture of a Ninja fighter comes into my mind. He ALWAYS came to help to the one in need, delivering 200% on top of what was his role in the project. He is one of the most reliable people I’ve met.

  • Many many thanks ___ for taking all the stream leads off the pressure of all those status reporting, bug handling etc. It was a blessing to have you help us all in having those promptly ready as and when needed. Love your very well organized and structured way of working!!

  • Thank you for the marvelous job you did. You are able to combine technical aspects and functional/ Business process and Adoption.

  • ___ has an exceptional way of establishing customer trust and guiding the customer along their business journey. ___ has been instrumental to our program success, and his CAN-DO attitude and humor made it a true pleasure working together.

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