Qdos Insights – Knowledge in the Kudos

By using Qdos2U you and your team will grow closer. Each individual will get their well deserved boost of positive energy. And we’re pretty sure they will save the result and bring it back up on a rainy day.

But you can also gain insights about your team.

  • What does motivate your team? What are the needs you need to meet with actions and communications to make everyone truly appreciated?
  • What does the relationship map of your team look like? Does it follow the organisation or do you suffer from diversion and sub-groups in the team?
  • When your team give appreciation, do they go deep or just give some common words on the surface?

What do they appreciate? What language or words do they use, and how should that influence the way you communicate and praise your team? How does the sub-groups look like?

With Qdos Insights we start digging into the data to go beyond the energy boost. We learn for the future, to be able to be even better. We uncover the Knowledge in the Kudos.

Personal needs for motivation

Appreciation maps

Is your appreciation truly personal?

Difference between individuals

Note, when analysing with Qdos Insights we no longer have traces back to the respondents, with respect of personal integrity all is anonymized.

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