Solution features

To share appreciation is easy. And with Qdos2U it’s easy to manage. No more endless administration, follow ups and cut-and-pasting to make things look good. We are automating the procecess, so you can actually execute your initiative within minutes!

Features include

  • User friendly interface to give Kudos to your colleagues
  • One-click access for each participant
  • Tracking that Kudos are provided
  • Reminders sent where needed
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Controls against offensive language
  • Ranking of the written Kudos
  • Selection of the most positive Kudos for each colleague
  • Creates and distributes Kudos certificates to everyone
  • Verification that every employee has contributed (or they don’t get a certificate…)

Add-on features

  • The “Best of” slide show – use it during celebrations to display what a great team you have
  • Use your own background picture
  • Printed and framed certificates sent to the house of your colleagues

Updates to the Qdos2U solution

We constantly want to improve and make both the site and the solution better. You can read about the latest changes we’ve made here.

Kudos To You AB

Phone: +46 70 921 4354

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